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His Excellency, Rector Al-Solamy, convened the 7th University Council Meeting in the presence of Dr. Mohammad bin Abdulaziz Al-Saleh, the interim committee secretary-general assigned to higher education supporting programs, university vice rectors, college deans and deans of supporting deanships. Rector Al-Solamy opened the meeting by thanking Allah for his blessings and praising the Prophet -- Peace be Upon Him. Following after, Vice Rector of Postgraduate Studies, Dr.Saad Alamry, presented the meeting's agenda.

Alamry announced that the recommendations included the transition of the Intelligence Unit to an Intelligence Center. He also announced the successful approval of a Ph.D. program in Educational Philosophy in the field of Islamic Education. The recommendations also included a Masters in Business Program in the College of Business Administration and the transition of the General Curriculum Unit to a supporting department. At the end of the meeting, numerous transactional account reviews were completed alongside the approval of faculty members to join the Science and Literature College Council in Dahran Al-Janoub.

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