University Spokesperson Responds to Misleading Accusations Over Recruitment Strategies

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Saudization is a Priority

King Khalid University's spokesperson, Dr. Abdullah Hammid, responded to the Editor-in-Chief of Okaz Newspaper in a statement released to the public.

"Referring to the story – 129 Visa’s for King Khalid University: Saudi Universities Recruit More Third World Country Teachers – published under your supervision on Saturday the 21st of Dhu'l-Hijjah, we would like to clarify to you and your readers, that it is a King Khalid University priority to hire qualified Saudi candidates who meet the required standards and regulations. We announced employment vacancies five times before seeking to address vacant positions. All applicable standards and employment regulations were adhered to when recently appointing 82 new faculty members from both genders in different colleges. 230 employee contracts of foreign employees were not renewed last year, and we will continue the process of hiring Saudi nationals," Hammid began.

"Due to the urgent need to fill vacancies coupled with rapid student population growth, which has reached more than 60,000 students in 29 colleges distributed across numerous cities and towns of the Asir Region, the University needed to recruit faculty members from different countries. This was especially the case in the women's colleges in order to increase face-to-face teaching capabilities instead of having male faculty members lecture in educational studios. All standards were followed in alignment with employment regulations and a committee that ensured the qualification of candidates. It is not a matter of nationality; it is a matter of qualifications even if recruited from 1st world countries."

Hammid went on to thoroughly explain that the employment process was not limited to a specific nationality or country. He refuted the "baseless accusations" intimated about the quality of education. "The University is eager to ensure a world-class education is provided to our students in both the bachelor and postgraduate programs. I look forward to your eagerness in ensuring legitimate information is published. May Allah guide and protect you," the statement concluded.