King Khalid University Launches Public Education Summer Training Courses

kku - media center

King Khalid University launched public education summer training courses that will serve 1426 participants in six groups for four weeks on Sunday the 15th of Dhu'l-Qi'dah, represented by the College of Education and under the supervision of the National Professional Development Center.

The Dean of the College of Education, Dr. Abdullah Al-Kasi, explained that the courses aim to develop the skills required for student counseling, evaluating performance, building assessment tests, coding, STEM for effective education, and designing e-courses. Dean Al-Kasi added that the courses target members of the public education sector, which includes teachers, student councilors, headmasters, and guests from the education sector who are vacationing in the region.

Dean Al-Kasi thanked Rector Al-Solamy for his continued support and attention to activities and programs. He also thanked the College of Education, the organizing staff, the Saudi association for teachers "GSM", and to all those who have and will contribute to the success of the courses.