Students Volunteer in Abha’s Summer Tent

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As part of the activities in Abha’s Summer Culture and Awareness Tent, the female volunteer team in the Student Affairs Agency held a lecture on “The Reality of Social Media in the Lives of Young Girls", which was attended by 60 guests in the female section of the tent. 

The lecture, which was conducted by Mariam Al-Shahrani, Amjad Bogna, and Waad Alhajri, consisted of an introduction to social media and the risks of social networks, as well as recommended steps and methods to prevent the risks that may face teenagers while using these networks. This was followed by a video defining social media networks by Dr. Ahmed Shegari that highlights high-risk social media activities that may lead to dangers. 

Its worth mentioning that the student volunteer team said that there are still many activities to come in the summer tent.