More Than 1400 Participants Attend the Programs Offered by the Community Service and Continuous Education Deanship in Abha’s Summer Tent

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As part of King Khalid University's partnership and participation in the Abha Summer Culture and Awareness Tent, the Community Service and Continuous Education Deanship offered an exhibition, as well as workshops and activities that have been attended by more than 1400 participants in the first week.

Dean of the Community Service and Continuous Education Deanship, Dr. Omar Ageel, explained that the deanship is acting on its leading role and priority in serving the community, which is one of the top three missions of King Khalid University. They include education, scientific research, and community service. "The deanship is offering a wide range of programs, activities, and workshops that serve the community’s needs. They aim to develop individuals as well as institutions in our society in addition to achieving the university’s strategic plan which is in line with the Saudi 2030 vision," Dean Ageel added.

He pointed out that an estimated 1400 participants have attended the programs, workshops, and exhibition, which offered orientations, booklets, and flyers that introduced the guests to the deanship's vision, mission, and goals as well as the programs offered by it. He also added that the workshops offered are open for all guests and include topics that discuss social and cultural issues like public speaking, child sexual abuse prevention, effective communication, Arabic Calligraphy, self-development, the role of Saudi women in volunteer work, marriage preparation, and an awareness program for mothers of children with special needs.