100 High School Students to Attend KKU Summer Programming School

kku , meida center

100 high school students will attend the KKU Summer Programming Bootcamp in the College of Computer Science as part of an initiative to train high school students on the fundamentals of computer programming and fluency. The program is sponsored by the Takeoff Institution and will be held over a six week period during the summer of 2018.

The Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science and the General Supervisor of the program, Dr. Ali Al-Karawi, explained that the bootcamp is based on an intensive educational program that was designed in an integrated manner. It includes tech related socio-cultural aspects which consist of weekly discussion sessions hosted by professionals discussing technology, social media, and entertainment.

Dean Al-Karawi added that the school will honor distinguished students throughout the duration of the course to motivate and encourage exceptional talent. He added that the establishment of a promising generation in the world of programming and software is a primary goal of the program that aims to develop human capital aligned with Vision 2030 and King Khalid University's strategic plan.