King Khalid University Launches Flagship Employee Training Program: Ambitious

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King Khalid University, represented by the Administrative Development Unit in the Faculty Members and Employee Affairs Deanship, launched the Ambitious Employee Development Training Program that is expected to train approximately 1400 employees.

Dean of the Faculty Members and Employee Affairs Deanship, Dr. Mohammad bin Hamid Al-Bohari, explained that with the support of His Excellency Rector Al-Solamy the deanship launched the program, which is considered the most extensive development training program in the history of King Khalid University. It will include a diverse array of national and international development programs and courses, which are inline with the university vision, mission, and the specific knowledge or skills to improve needed to improve performance in the academic environment.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Obid, administrative development unit manager, explained that this program is central to the strategic goals of the university, which aims to ensure productivity, nurture creativity and capitalize on top talent so that employees have the tools necessary to achieve their full potential. Al-Obid added that the university is determined to offer and provide continuous development for all members while following the progress and outcomes to determine accurate results.