Rector Al-Solamy Attends Community College Ramdan Iftar

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In the presence of His Excellency King Khalid University Rector, Prof. Falleh R. M. Al-Solamy, and a number of University employees, the Community College held the 3rd Annual Ramadan Iftar at the Mahala Campus.

The iftar table was arranged by the employee's families and included traditional Saudi dishes and a variety of cuisines from Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Kashmir, Pakistan, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. His Excellency took the pleasure of tasting the dishes and being introduced to the traditions, customs, and cultures represented at the event. He expressed his joy in sharing this experience -- asking Allah to bless this gesture and to bless the attendees with his grace and mercy.

The Dean of the Community College, Dr. Ahmed bin Ali Al-Mraie, explained that the Ramadan Iftar is an annual tradition that will continue for many years to come. He also expressed his gratitude towards Rector Al-Solamy for attending this Iftar and for supporting social activities.

The Vice Dean of the Community College, Dr. Ali bin Abdullah Marzouk, related that the goal of this social gathering is to learn about other cultures and to share this holy experience. "This kind of social activity helps build a social community among the University employees to bring them together outside the academic environment," said Vice Dean Marzouk.

The event was concluded with Rector Al-Solamy honoring the attendees’ families and handing out appreciation certificates and gifts.