Community Service and Continuous Education Deanship Workshops Engage Nearly 400

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The number of beneficiaries from King Khalid University Community Service and Continuous Education Deanship workshops reached an estimated 378 participants. The workshops included skill based and developmental workshops that tackled topics like "The Skills Needed for Emergency Management", "How to Maintain Work Stress", and "Negative Behavior Correction in Children and Effective Investment in Social Media".

The Dean of Community Service and Continuous Education, Dr. Omar Bin Alwan Aqeel, stressed that the participants demonstrated dedication, focus, teamwork, and commitment. He explained that programs of this nature aim to achieve the Deanship's strategic plan and objectives in serving the community which is in accord with the mission of the University. Moreover, the mentioned programs were developed in line with the Kingdom's 2030 vision to develop society and its institutions through innovative solutions and quality programs that spark long-lasting positive effects.

Dean Aqeel further related that the Deanship seeks to improve the effectiveness of services provided to the community through establishing and supporting training centers within each faculty to train and develop members of the society. In doing so, community partnerships will be formed alongside our core value and culture of giving back to the community.

It is worth mentioning that these training programs come within a series of professional quality programs that the Deanship aims to provide to all segments of society to identify societal obstacles and the solutions to managing them. The Deanship is keen to ensure the thriving spirit of service at KKU fosters a balanced community and positive attitudes that are longstanding. Volunteerism is a cornerstone on all campuses, and it will lead to an increase in productivity while reducing stress, mitigating negative behaviors, and creating the conditions necessary for creativity to thrive.