King Khalid University Launches Initiative Awareness Campaign in Information Security and Data Crime

Kku - media center

King Khalid University represented by the iT Administration launched the awareness campaign #yourawarenesshelpsus to increase societal awareness on the dangers of data crime and importance of information security. The campaign is in collaboration with the Security Information and Data Crime Unit at the College of Computer Science at Aseer Mall.

Dr. Sara Abu Ghazaleh, Vice Dean of the Computer Science College and Vice President of the Information Security Research Unit, explained that the campaign comes within the framework of the information technology administration initiative, which aims to promote and spread a culture of awareness on information security and data crime, with specific emphasis on increasing awareness of the dangers of data crime and the role of information security among children and families in Saudi Arabia. Vice Dean Abu Ghazaleh indicated that the risk to and impact of data crime mainly occurs through electronic games and cyber bullying.

Vice Dean Abu Ghazaleh added that the number of technology users in Saudi Arabia is increasing significantly, especially among children and young people, which is normal considering the development of this field. She pointed out that technology is a double-edged sword, and that there are also disadvantages and risks to using technology. Given that some may not realize these risks, KKU is keen to raise awareness on this particular issue.

It is noteworthy that the campaign witnessed the presence and interest of members of the community, where brochures were provided, and team members offered explanations and information through tablets, including the definition of what the campaign stands for, how to protect yourself and your children from the risk of cyber crimes, and the methods to follow to avoid becoming a victim of these type of crimes.