Asir Deputy Governor Sponsors the Agriculture Development in the Asir Region Forum: Reality and Hope

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His Royal Highness Prince Turkey bin Talal Abdulaziz, Deputy Governor of the Asir Region, will sponsor the "Agriculture Development in the Asir Region Forum: Reality and Hope." It will take place this Wednesday at the Abha Palace Hotel under the supervision of the Ministry of Environment, Water & Agriculture in collaboration with the office of Media Experts for Research and Consultation at King Khalid University.

This forum is of great importance to the successful development of agriculture, animal products, and fish products in the region; it highlights the methods and approaches to provide job and investment opportunities in an effort to create a favorable economic environment that will spark prosperity and growth in the region's natural sources. The forum aims to set the strategies and tools that will develop investment opportunities in agricultural projects, animal products, and fish resources in accord with Vision 2030.

The forum intends to discuss and highlight the approaches that contribute to the development of agriculture, animal products, and fish stock in accord with the principles and views of the Saudi 2030 vision. It will underscore the ground realities of agricultural development in the region.

It is worth mentioning that the topics of the forum include investment opportunities and the role of the financial institutions and private sectors in supporting farmers and agricultural business. The forum will also include 22 speakers from different governmental and private entities in 4 sessions with 12 goals. The second day of the forum will include an exploratory excursion to the region's national parks and farms.