University Endowment Inspection Council: Great Hopes and Outstanding Ambitions

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The Endowment Inspection Council expressed their optimism in the Endowment Investment Fund's ability to attract investors, deliver favorable business developments, and spark regional entrepreneurship. Vice Rector of Academic Affairs, Dr. Saad Bin Mohammed Bin Dajjam, said: "Our University is launching its endowment project with various investment ideas, aspirations and high expectations." He added that the Islamic world was always a leader in the concept of endowments and provided unique models for public service projects and social welfare.

Dr. Abdulaziz Saad Abu Melha, Vice Dean of the Dental Clinics, stressed that the endowment project provides benefits in various sectors and doesn’t seek financial profit but instead focuses on achieving educational, social, and economic development. "This step is an important step in the history of the University. It will raise the University performance level and favorably position its global rank."

Dr. Abdul Latif Al-Hadithi, Dean of the Institute of Research and Consultancy Studies, said: "The passion for launching the project represents the unique quality of this project. The establishment of the Endowment Investment Fund will create a positive long-term impact on the economic, social, educational and developmental levels of the region, especially as it is expected to start with a number of verified projects. With the help of Allah, this will create a large number of jobs for the youth of the region." He then called businessmen and investors to support, join, and help achieve its success. Following after, Abha Chamber of Commerce President and member of the endowment project, Mojib Al-Hwayzi, called this project a longed awaited transition in the legacy of KKU that adapts to the 2020 National Transformation Program.

Khaled Jalban, council member and prominent businessman, noted that endowments have been well-known since the dawn of Islam and have supported civilization. He referred to the first endowment project, Masjid Quba, built by the Prophet -- Peace be Upon Him -- and his companions in Madinah Munawarrah. He also noted that although endowment projects in Saudi universities are in their early stages, they have demonstrated enormous potential. He concluded his remarks by stressing the importance of supporting universities and scientific research centers which are sources of creativity and innovation. "The University is on the path of investment and growth. This project is sponsored by loyal, dedicated men that will do their best to achieve its goal."

In his opening remarks, Saeed Al-Dosari, a council member, said: "This endowment project is blessed to have dedicated men. The project is a great national achievement that must be celebrated and considered a step towards our vision." Council member, Saeed bin Mohammed bin Zaqer, discussed the investment strategy held by the project, which is a unique transition in the field of endowments in the Kingdom.

Legal Advisor, Dr. Hadi bin Ali Al-Yami, expects the endowment project to raise the global visibility of the University. He expressed his complete enthusiasm for the project and all members of the council to ensure the success of this project. At the end of the meeting, Mr. Hafez Bin Mohammed Al-Qahtani, a board member, addressed the enormous scope of the project and the areas it will serve, not only in the Asir but also in the entire Southern Region.