12 Projects Lead the King Khalid University Endowment Investment Fund

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12 projects lead the King Khalid University Endowment Investment Fund in eight domains. The essential domain of the project will be in the health sector comprised of 4 projects that will serve the entire Southern Region. Additional groundbreaking projects are slated to begin in education, business, knowledge-based economy initiatives, agriculture, tourism, and entertainment.

According to University Endowment Secretary General, Dr. Omar Saeed Al-Mushait, the project scope and financial budget are set. He further related the allocated budget of any given project ranges from 750,000 SAR to 80,000,000 SAR. As a result, it will provide a host of career opportunities with the creation of nearly 600 forecasted jobs. Al-Mushait stressed that the success of these projects would result in the growth and development of the region and substantially contribute to the overall development of the Kingdom.

Dental Clinics

With only 30 dental centers in the Asir region and a staggering 550,000,000 SAR market appraisal, the opportunity to enter the market and establish high-quality clinics and centers with unique expertise and facilities has never been higher.

The center will be built on 500 square meters with state-of-the-art technology and modern dental equipment. The center is expected to include ten dental clinics, a dental lab, and a radiography unit. The clinics will provide 20 permanent jobs. The estimated project cost will be 3.5 to 4 million, with a forecasted annual return of 25%.

Physiotherapy Center

The estimated amount of physical therapy services provided in hospitals and private clinics boasts advantageous financial opportunities that have yet to meet market demand.

The availability of human resources from the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences and the current demand for physiotherapy services in the region for 2018 is estimated at SR 159 million. The project also has the potential for future growth and development due to increasing population density and early examination community awareness. With the establishment of the University hospital, specialized clinics, and the constant demand for the proposed services of the project, it allows for barrier-free market entrance and increased market capitalization capabilities. The cost of the project is between 1.5 million to 2 million riyals, providing 15 permanent jobs, with an approximate annual turnover of 15-20%.

Specialized Radiology Project

The radiology project aims to fulfill the increasing need for radiation therapy through innovative technology and modern facilities in the field of radiology. This includes digital and mobile radiology, ultrasound scans, magnetic images, and digital color imaging.

The current estimated need for radiology in the Asir region in value is approximately 50,000,000 SAR. The project will provide 15 jobs opportunities with an estimated cost of 15-20 million SAR and an annual profit rate of 15-20%.

Hearing Impairment Treatment and Cochlear Implant Project

The project is expected to drastically reduce and eventually eliminate travel costs for those who travel abroad seeking treatment. The need of for hearing impairment treatment and cochlear implants in the region is estimated in value to be 905,000,000 SAR. Given the growing demand for services in the region, it is expected to provide 25 jobs. The estimated cost of the project is expected to reach 35 million with an annual profit rate of 10-15%.

Medical Laboratories Project

The project will offer high-quality services needed in the region with a favorable cost-benefit ratio boasting an estimated market value of 50 million. The project will be built on an area of 350 square meters and will provide 15 job opportunities in different medical departments, blood banks, and vaccination centers.

The cost of the project is estimated to be 2.5-3.5 million SAR, and the approximate annual profit rate is 15-20%.

Entrepreneurship and Business Incubator Project

In support and recognition of the new and highly prioritized knowledge-based economy era, this project aims to achieve outstanding levels in entrepreneurship through the creative transition of ideas into entrepreneurship projects and investment.

The incubator project functions to support small businesses and creative projects by providing financial resources, investment shares, and diversified developmental sources.

The estimated cost of the project is 11.8 million with a plan to get it off the ground within the next three years. The project will create ten job opportunities and is expected to generate 20 new business models.

The forecasted risk-adjusted expected return is at the break-even point for the first year. It will, instead, rely on alternative sources of funding to generate income from sponsors, workshop fees, and unique training opportunities offered by the center.

E-learning Project

The project aims to create a high-quality platform that will bring together a group of trainees that offer programs, workshops, and advanced training courses that meet the requirements and needs of the labor market.

The idea of the project is linked to the philosophy of continuous training not only for educational reasons but also for development and growth.

The total demand for training in the region is estimated to be 42,461, while the total investment cost is a forecasted 2.5 million. The project will also offer ten job opportunities, and the expected annual profit rate is 10-15%.

King Khalid University School Projects

The project seeks to establish an educational institution that offers modern teaching approaches that will contribute to the rapid development of knowledge-based economic growth in our country. It is expected to provide 80 educational and administrative job opportunities. The estimated cost of the project is 20 million with an average annual return profit of 10-15%.

Engineering Consulting Center Project

The project seeks to meet the high demand for engineering services in the region that require world-class planning and design. The center will be located on campus, and it will include a reception desk, design and engineering offices, and samples of work.

The estimated demand for engineering services for 2018 in the Asir region is 1.4 million. Operational expenses will be linked to investment contracts, and the overall cost of the project is 750,000 SAR. The project will create ten jobs and an estimated annual profit rate of 10-15%.

Beekeeping and Honey Production Project

The rich history of domestic honey production has led to the formation of a research center for bee research. The project aims to transform research results into products of value. The cost of the project is an estimated 15 million SAR coupled with the creation of 60 jobs and an annual profit rate of 20-30%.

Residential and Recreation Project

The breathtaking natural surroundings and temperate climate of the region make it the perfect location for geotourism. The project will be located on an active commercial site that will include hotels, apartments, shopping centers, restaurants, and cafes. The project is expected to offer an estimated 200-300 job opportunities with an overall cost of 80 million SAR offset by a forecasted annual profit return of 7-10%.

Printing and Publishing Project

King Khalid University seeks to establish a modern printing and publishing house to serve the printing and publishing needs of students and faculty members alike. It will also serve as a hub for publishing journals, research, and books. The current demand for a wide array of printing products and services in the Asir region has an estimated value of 75 million SAR with an estimated cost of 12 to 15 million SAR riyals. It is expected to offer 20 job opportunities with an average annual profit rate of 15-20%.