Almarai Localization Manager Delivers Lecture

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The Research and Consultant Studies Institute organized a lecture by Dr. Ali bin Thabit, localization manager at Almarai Company, who spoke about exciting job opportunities in the company and training programs offered to students.

The lecture was hosted by Dr. Abdulateef Al-Hadithi, Dean of the Research and Consultant Studies Institute, who explained the importance of introducing job opportunities and career paths for students in the private sector. He also explained the role of the lecture in defining the skills and requirements that are in demand the competitive job market we see today.

During the lecture, Dr. Thabit explained Almarai’s initiative and attention to centralizing jobs and training in the company at the local level. He then introduced the primary objectives and activities run by the Almarai Club. Towards the end of his lecture, the numerous advantages of being a club member, which includes workshops, courses, partnerships with different companies, group activities, community service, research support, product knowledge training, and exclusive access to job opportunities were explained.