Recommendations and Strategies to Develop International Partnerships

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The 13th Meeting with the Deans of Saudi Postgraduate Studies Programs was held on the sidelines of the "Postgraduate Studies in Saudi Universities Conference: Reality and Prospects for Development."

His Excellency the Rector, Dr. Faleh Bin Rajaa Allah Al-Solamy, opened the meeting by welcoming the attendees and expressing his hope that the meeting would produce positive recommendations and tangible developmental benchmarks for postgraduate programs in Saudi universities that will enhance the higher education sector in accord with Vision 2030.

Following after, Dean of Graduate Studies at King Khalid University, Dr. Ahmed bin Yahya Al-Faya, delivered a speech where he emphasized the importance of this conference in congruence with the new era being ushered in.

The Secretary-General of the Interim Committee responsible for the Education Council, Dr. Mohammed Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saleh, spoke about the paper presented in the meeting by His Excellency Dr. Adnan bin Salem Al-Humaidan, Jeddah University Rector, entitled "Graduate Studies in Light of the New Universities System and the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision." Al-Saleh related described the presentation as the shining future for postgraduate studies in the Kingdom.

Dr. Ibrahim bin Mohammed Al-Harakan, General Supervisor of the Institute of Entrepreneurship at King Saud University, delivered a presentation entitled "Knowledge Economy and the Future of Graduate Studies." He outlined a number of strategies and concepts of a knowledge-based economy and how we can lay the foundations for success.

At the end of the meeting, the deans of postgraduate studies in Saudi universities reached a number of recommendations. The meeting called for the importance of integration and cooperation between Saudi universities in the fields of graduate studies and organizing partnerships between universities at different levels in building academic programs, shared laboratories, and research centers. The meeting also encouraged universities to focus on specific strategic areas in the field of postgraduate studies that will create competitiveness in pursuit of academic excellence.

Participants in the meeting also called for developing strategies for international cooperation and global partnerships in the fields of graduate studies, so that Saudi universities can benefit from global partnerships and international cooperation while preserving their own identity.

The recommendations also included stimulating the role of postgraduate programs and research to provide creative solutions to problems in various social, productive and economic fields, and preparing universities to organize investment projects with the private sector in the fields of postgraduate studies.

The recommendations noted that Saudi universities must focus on disciplines related to the industrial, business and technical sectors in line with Vision 2030. It was also recommended that universities provide a suitable environment that encourages creativity and innovation in the fields of postgraduate studies and governance with a steady aim to increase the growth and establishment of entrepreneurship and small businesses.