Quality Education Standards in Saudi Postgraduate Programs to Aim for New Horizons

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During the Postgraduate Studies in Saudi Universities Conference organized by King Khalid University, Dr. Rashid Ghazi Al-Otaibi, Assistant Professor in the Department of Business Administration in the College of Science and Humanities, Shkraa University, presented a study highlighting the specifications of high-quality education frameworks in Saudi universities aligned with the Saudi 2030 vision.

In his study, Al-Otaibi proposed a general framework for the development of quality in postgraduate systems in Saudi universities to meet the local needs, improve efficiency, and improve outcomes in order to efficiently contribute to the knowledge of the society and support the 2030 vision.

The study examined the specifications of quality in postgraduate programs, based on the inductive and deductive approach by reviewing the theoretical and conceptual framework of the study, reviewing the literature and previously applied studies.

The study concluded a number of results related to educational policies, quality aspects of graduate programs, the need to maintain high-quality learning outcomes in all university programs, and considering all determinants in designing graduate programs and achieving academic excellence.