Sixth Health and Culture Awareness Program off to a Great Start

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As part of the Sixth Health and Wellness program, a number of lectures, seminars, and health clinics were held in Tanomah, Belasmer, and Belahmer serving roughly two thousand people.

Dr. Saeed bin Ali Al-Asmari gave a lecture entitled "The Best of Centuries" at the Belsmer School, and a seminar entitled "Conditions of Work" for the employees of Belasmar City Hall. Dr. Mohammed bin Mashbab Al-Habter also gave a lecture entitled "Intellectual Security, Its Importance and the Ways to Achieve It" he also delivered a speech on “Maximizing the Rituals of God" in the presence of staff and religious figures. In Abu Hanifa Middle School in Tanomah, Dr. Rashid bin Hassan Al-Almaie presented a  lecture on the  “Quranic Commandments" and another lecture entitled "Giving to Allah and His Messenger."

Three speeches were presented on Friday by Dr. Ahmed Bin Ali Al Zamili, Dr. Abdullah Mansour Al-Oded, and Dr. Nasser Othman Omair.