Rector Al-Solamy Sponsors the General Administration of Grant Students Ceremony

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King Khalid University Rector Dr. Faleh Al-Solamy sponsored the first ceremony for scholarship students. The event was organized by the General Administration of Grant Students at the University Sports Hall.

In his speech, His Excellency Rector Al-Solamy stressed the outlook of the university, its vision, and strategic plan to increase the number of scholarship students in a diverse variety of fields. His Excellency announced the launch of an Arabic language teaching unit to teach Arabic for speakers of other languages (ASOL). He further reiterated the importance of granting scholarships to students from all around the world and the role we desire from them during their stay and after their graduation.

Al-Solamy stressed the university’s significant interest in scholarship students, which is represented in the establishment of the General Administration for Grant Students in 1439. Its main aim is to provide the appropriate educational environment for them and establishing a charity fund.

Following after, the Vice Rector of Academic Affairs, Dr. Saad Bin Mohammed Al-Dajjam, added that the role of leadership in promoting unity and peace among nations is linked to the progress of educational institutions and universities, which contributes towards building high-quality societies capable of creativity and growth.

Given the vital role of educational development and the importance of international recognition, the university has undertaken an approach to increase the number of scholarship students while harnessing all relevant resources to serve them and overcome the obstacles they face so they can be productive in their societies when graduating. The university also considers this a step towards achieving some of the central themes of Vision 2030 by reinforcing the global and educational role of Saudi Arabia in accordance with a moderate Islamic vision.

The ceremony included a documentary film made by scholarship students about the university’s plan to attract 2500 scholarship students by the year 1442 AH. The documentary also indicated that the current number of scholarship students at the university is over 2K hailing from twenty different countries.

42 countries from Asia, Africa, and South America are expected to be included in the scholarship program next year. Rector Al-Solamy concluded the ceremony by honoring outstanding students in the different fields.