Second Session of Symposium Highlights the Humanitarian Situation in Yemen

KKU - Media Center

The second session of the "Restoring Hope for the State of Yemen and its Development and Stability" symposium was held on Tuesday the 18th of Jumada Al-Thani in the Talha bin Obaidullah Theater in Dhahran Al-Janoub.

The opening session of the symposium began with a speech from the Supervisor of the Intellectual Awareness Unit at King Khalid University, Dr. Yahya Al-Bakri, who explained the depraved characteristics of separation in a stirring speech.  He delved into the impact disruption can have on an Islamic nation if left unchecked. The history of separation and adversity that the Islamic world has suffered as a result of these crises was also explained.

The Director of Training Programs at the Prince Nayef University for Security Sciences, Major General Dr. Ali Al-Ruwaili, presented a paper on the social and security results of the Al-Hazm Storm operation and a sustainable approach to the humanitarian situation in Yemen.

The President of the Center of Development for Senior Administrative Leadership, Dr. Faisal Al-Sumairi, talked about the comprehensive humanitarian efforts of coalition countries to remedy the developmental conditions in Yemen and the assistance provided to the Yemeni people in diverse fields. He praised the Kingdom's visionary leadership for preserving the Arabism of Yemen. He also displayed the amount of aid provided by the Saudi government to the different regions and cities of Yemen.

The seminar drew in large crowds of diverse participants from all branches of the military,  civilian, and educational sectors including students.