'Darkness' to Address Destructive Ideas in the University

King Khalid University, Media Center

The Intellectual Awareness Unit at King Khalid University launched an awareness film entitled "Darkness", in a move to address deviant ideas while warning about the presence of extremist groups. The primary purpose of the film is to consolidate the values of moderation, modesty, and loyalty, and sovereignty to this country in an inspiring method. A number of students from different faculties in the university presented the film.

In his speech, Dr. Yahya Abdullah Al-Bakri, the Supervisor of the University's Intellectual Education Unit, affirmed that the unit is seeking, under the direction of the University's Rector, Dr. Faleh Bin Raja Allah Al-Solamy, to instill the values of moderation and loyalty alongside a categoric rejection of extremism and terrorism. At any rate, he said, the program seeks to foster bright minds into bright futures through its activities such as competitions, research, films, theater, and educationally oriented meetings.