Rector Honors Participants in the Ninth Abha Tourism Da'wa Tent

King Khalid University, Media Center

Under the patronage of His Excellency the Rector of King Khalid University, Dr. Faleh bin Raja Allah Al-Solamy, the Deanship of Community Service and Continuing Education organized a ceremony honoring the participants in the 9th Abha Tourism Tour. The ceremony was conducted in the presence of KKU's senior leadership, the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Abha Cooperative Center for Call and Communities, Dr. Abdullah Abu Eshy, and the members of the Board of Directors of the 9th Abha Tourism Da'wa Tent.

At the beginning of his speech, Al-Solamy welcomed the staff of the Da’wa Office and the Board of Directors and thanked all of the participants. He urged them to expand participation in the tent for this year. He further called on the Deanship of Community Service and Continuing Education to strengthen cooperation with the Da’wa Office.

In his presentation, Dr. Ali bin Mohammed Al-Yasser, the Vice President of the Community Service Deanship and Deputy Director of the event, highlighted the university's efforts in the area of community service, responsibility, and the areas of university participation.

Al-Yasser thanked the Rector for his support during the preparation and dissemination of the invitation in the region and for fighting against deviant ideas and beliefs. He also thanked the Rector for his tireless efforts to make King Khalid University a beacon of knowledge for the community in the region. He further expressed his gratitude by expressing his appreciation to His Excellency for diligent oversight on all related affairs, guidance and care for the employees of the university, and his keenness to honor the employees of the university who participated in the events.

Later that day, the Chairman of the Cooperative Office for Da’wa and Guidance, Dr. Abdullah Abu Eshy, delivered a speech in which he explained the areas of cooperation between King Khalid University and the Community Da’wa Office in the region. He also valued the university's initiatives to serve the community.

At the end of the event, Rector Al-Solamy received the final report of the 9th Abha Tourism Tent from the Board of Directors, which was presented by the Chairman of the Abha Cooperative Center for Call and Communities, Dr. Abdullah Abu Eshy.