Landmark Agreement Reached Between the University and the Association of Human Rights in the Asir Region

King Khalid University, Media Center

King Khalid University signed a cooperation agreement with the Association of Human Rights in the Asir Region. The Vice Dean for Educational and Academic Affairs, Dr. Saad Dajjam, represented the University while Dr. Ali Bin Issa Al Shaabi represented the Association.

This agreement cemented the joint responsibilities of both King Khalid University and Association of Human Rights in the Asir Region towards the communities of the Asir Region and the need to seek integration between the two sides, in order to raise the level of programs and activities that foster human development and preserve its rights in the region.

Areas of cooperation include holding human rights lessons, lectures, and other areas of mutual interest. Cooperation will also seek to hold joint training courses in human rights, family security, safety and other relevant areas. The agreement also aims at taking advantage of the possibilities possessed by the two parties in the exchange of experts and specialists and the dissemination of human rights culture, through the activities and events implemented by the university for students and employees.

In his speech, Dean of the Institute of Research and Consultations, Dr. Abdul Latif Al-Hadithi, said the agreement aims to raise the level of coordination and cooperation between the two parties. The university will offer its scientific potential in supporting studies and issues monitored by the association in the human rights, social, humanitarian, and family fields.