Saudi Scientific Association for Teachers Elects New Board

King Khalid University, Media Center
After Affirmation by the Rector

His Excellency Dr. Faleh bin Rajaa Allah Al-Solamy, Rector of King Khalid University, congratulated the winners of the elections of the Saudi Scientific Association for Teachers (SST), "Jassem," which has been recently organized by the university.

Al-Solamy said, "The University is pleased to have such a critically important scientific association serving to enrich the scientific atmosphere of all colleges.” He further emphasized that the new association would receive all possible support to promote its increasingly influential work in service of the educational process. He expressed his thanks and appreciation to His Excellency the Minister of Education, Dr. Ahmed Al-Issa, who approved the establishment and launch of the association.

The elections of the Saudi Scientific Association for Teachers have resulted in the victory of Dr. Abdullah bin Ali Al-Kasi, as the President, Mohammed bin Zaidan bin Mahfouz, as the Vice-President and Financial Officer, and Sultan bin Saleh Al-Shehri, Director of Education at the Mohayil Asir Governorate, as the Secretary of the Board. Moreover, association members were also elected. They are Dr. Aisha Bint Belhish Al Amri, Taibah University, Mr. Mohammed Al-Fayfi, Department of Education - Sabyia Province, Ms. Aisha Bint Said Al-Harthy, Department of Education - Taif Province, and Ms. Maryam Bint Abdullah Khairi,  Department of Education - Taif Province.

In his speech, the President of the Association, Dr. Abdullah bin Ali Al-Kasi, related that the spatial diversity of the members in the Council and the representation of teachers through more than half of the members of the Council is a positive aspect. He indicated that the next phase of the SST would be launched -- God willing -- in accordance with an integrated plan of action taking into account the objectives of the SST. Finally, Dr. Al-Kasi thanked the Rector Al-Solamy who has been with SST since its approval and directed to start preparing plans and appropriate scenarios for the work of the association, serving teachers who, in his opinion, play an immensely important role in the educational and scientific process for students in the Kingdom Saudi Arabia.