Admission to Masters and Doctoral Degree Programs Opened

King Khalid University, Media Center

The Deanship of Graduate Studies at King Khalid University is opening the doors to admission into the master and doctorate programs for the next academic year 1439/1440 AH. Applying will be possible through the university website starting from Sunday, 4 Jumada I 1439 AH to 17 Jumada II 1439 AH.

In his speech, the Dean of Graduate Studies at the University, Dr. Ahmed Al-Fa’e, stated that admission is available to students who wish to enroll in postgraduate studies at the University in more than 30 Master and Doctoral degree programs. He announced that a number of new programs were approved for this year. Dr. Al-Fa’e said that admission is possible to more than 20 master’s degree programs in the Faculties of Sharia and Religion, Education, Humanities, Science, Languages and Translation, and Administrative and Financial Sciences.  Regarding doctoral degree programs, he said that they are available in only three faculties, namely the Faculty of Sharia and the Fundamentals of Religion, the Faculty of Education, and the Faculty of Humanities.

Dr. Al-Fa’e further asked the applicants to be aware of admission dates, admission requirements, university portal submission procedures, in addition to the procedural guide for electronic admission.  Dr. Al-Fa’e noted that the first stage of acceptance is specific to academic programs while prepaid programs will be announced shortly in the next two months. He indicated that the Deanship is currently strategically coordinating with the faculties of the university to develop numerous world-class graduate programs, which would meet the needs of the scientific community and the labor market while maintaining consistency in all phases of academic development and quality.