More Than 60,000 Students Perform Final Semester Exams

King Khalid University, Media Center

Today, more than 60,000 students from King Khalid University are taking part in the mid-year academic exams for 1439 AH in more than 29 educational complexes, and from various degrees (bachelor, higher diploma, and master).

The Dean of Admissions and Registration at the University, Dr. Abdulmohsin Al-Qarni, affirmed the University is keen to provide comfort for its students by extending the period of final exams and separating all stages of exams. Last week, students performed practical exams. This week and the next, written exams will start. Students will be tested in over 1500 courses throughout the University.

Al-Qarni stressed that the University, represented by the Deanship of Admissions Registration, engaged in collaborative negotiation with all colleges before administrative closure when creating the final exam schedule. Also, a majority of the students were provided a complete day for one exam coupled with intervals days in an effort to provide the best available scheduling opportunities to our students. He emphasized that all preparations were automated utilizing the hard logic scheduling project management technique in order to achieve the highest levels of accuracy and to avoid scheduling conflicts while reducing the need to arrange alternative exams at the end of the semester. Dr. Al-Qarni further mentioned that the Deanship of Admissions and Registration preemptively broadcasted the schedules of the final exams with all relevant details on the Academia Portal. Details prominently included time and locations of exams. The purpose was to give students enough time to prepare for their exams.

He concluded by saying, "The Deanship of Admissions and Registration wishes success to all students of the University. The Deanship also asks all students to carry their university card or national ID card for verification purposes."