New Administrative and Finical System Lauded as a Success

King Khalid University, Media Center

His Excellency, Prof. Dr. Faleh Bin Raja Allah Al-Solamy, the Rector of King Khalid University, presided over a celebration honoring the Deanship of Faculty Members and Staff Affairs for their outstanding contribution and hard work leading to the successful development of the financial and administrative system to support timely and meaningful financial transaction entry and reporting in compliance with all regulatory requirements. For this reason, Rector Al-Solamy honored all staff of the Deanship of Faculty Members and Staff Affairs with the coveted Etqan Award.   

In an explanatory statement, the University Rector highlighted the central importance of E-Systems in the configuration management of any project, predominantly, the budgeted cost of work scheduled, resource planning, resource leveling, and schedule performance index related tasks in the financial and administrative systems. Rector Al-Solamy congratulated the Deanship on the deployment of the new financial and administrative system in the University. Given these points, he further asserted that the achievement arrived at the perfect moment ensuring optimal start-to-start dependency in the workflows currently underway for an integrated university-wide system. Above all, he attested that the achievement is a landmark decision that will undoubtedly meet and exceed the interests of the University.

Al-Solamy praised the efforts of the supervising committee of the new financial and administrative system. Later, he thanked all members of the committee, noting that the project life cycle will continue with further upgrades to the system allowing for flexible integration planning and execution with the other systems in the University.

The Dean of Faculty and Staff Affairs, Dr. Mohammed Al-Bheiri, said that the new administrative and financial system is a transition from fragmented systems to a unified human resource management system. He also noted that the new system streamlines the scope of work for numerous departments. Dean Al-Bheiri thanked everyone who contributed to the phenomenal success of the system.