"Holes" Reveals the Underlying Truth of "Dark Bats"

King Khalid University, Media Center

The third show of the First Theater Festival of Saudi universities, which is being hosted by King Khalid University in Abha, discussed the issue of brainwashing by "Dark Bats" who try to run society according to their desires and destructive plans but fail in the existence of social cohesion.

The third show was presented yesterday evening by the Theater Team of the University of Taiba, entitled "Holes," written and directed by Fahad Al Asmar and performed by a number of university students. In the symposium that followed the show and moderated by the Director of the Festival, Muhammed Al-Mubarak, the Actor and the Stage Director, Sami Al-Zahrani, talked about the most prominent features of the show. Al-Zahrani pointed out that the author of "Holes" depended on the opening text without a time or a place. He also added that the author narrowly focused on the theme of the authoritarian ghosts trying to introduce strange ideas into the minds of the characters.

As for directing Al-Zahrani said, "The truth is that there has been a sharp increase in the visible development in directing tools compared to the other shows I have watched with a change in the heroes of the work." He further related that the director was able to create homogeneity between the new elements.

Al-Zahrani advised the director to maximize decoration, especially wood blocks. He also encouraged him to monitor of lighting conditions and offer additional hands-on training to the students. Regardless, he praised the students who insisted on participating in the festival, despite the absence of a director because he was busy with other cultural activities. On behalf of the Director, a student from the team gave a speech and praised King Khalid University for hosting this important event, stressing that the festival is one of the most important activities that every innovator aspires to participate in.

For his part, the Deputy of the Deanship of Student Affairs at Taif University, Dr. Mansour Al-Harthy, spoke of what he described as "Text Crisis" apparent in most of the shows presented at the festival, indicating that the end of the work is plagued by "directness" which affects the level of the performance.

A faculty member at King Saud University, Dr. Nayef Khalaf, asked about the time spent by the staff in training, stressing that you can never have enough.

For his part, participating student Abdullah Hosawi praised the talents that emerged from the play. He emphasized the importance of video documentation in order to go through a complete review process and subsequent correction stage.