Don Quixote on Snape Shot Captivates the Audience

King Khalid University, Media Center

During their participation in the First Saudi Theater Festival, which is currently being held at King Khalid University, the students of Jeddah University presented a comedy play, "Don Quixote on Snape Shot," inspired from the "Polyakov" script and directed by Sobhy Yousef.

The Director tackled the text in a new way that embodies the mythical wars of "Don Quixote on Snape Shot." Through Don Quixote, the Director fights windmills in a fantasy comedy preserving the human value of a frustrated hero and touching the reality of the present community in a legendary comical method.

After the show, a symposium was moderated by Dr. Mohamed Al-Mubarak, the Director of the Festival, with the participation of the Director of the Play, Subhi Yusuf, and the Theatrical Director, Ali Al-Ghuwainem.

Al-Ghuwainem expressed his admiration for the work. He praised the quality of the script and its suitability to university theater. He commented on the linguistic effectiveness evident in the title of the show. He further maintained that the events were appropriate to reality, in addition to the speed of finding the information and the interrelationship of the text with the viewer. He also indicated that the integration of theatrical space in the show and the presentation of the caricatures in a distinctive way proved to be amazing. He maintained that the illusion contributed to heart-pounding suspense which captivated the audience. However, he criticized the deployment of actors on stage, in addition to the distribution of lighting on both the actors and the stage.

During the intermission, playwright Nayef Khalaf said, "We have a shortage in theatrical scripts, but the director managed to overcome this issue in the script of the show by activating the story of the legend, offering it an in a manner that was appropriate to the virtual reality that we live today.”

For his part, Actor and Theater Director, Sami Zahrani, praised the availability of realism, idealism, and virtualism in the script of the play by embodying the character of the legend "Don Quixote" in the relevant current affairs and issues within our society.

In the same context, the Former Dean of Student Affairs at the University of Jazan, Dr. Mohammed Habibi, related that the use of the postmodern text, the activation of old characters with modern roles, is a tall task for directors and actors to complete. However, in the text of "Don Quixote on Snape Shot" play, postmodernism was activated perfectly, which reflected the strength of the beginning of the University of Jeddah in the field of theater. He added, "I’m so happy with the existence of both Taiba and Jeddah Universities in this festival, although they are relative newcomers in the field of theater."

Despite the relative modernity of the University of Jeddah in the field of theater, the Director of "Don Quixote on Snape Shot," Sobhi Youssef, thanked his students for the show, hoping that this is only the beginning to more theatrical performances. He said, "We took into account all observations that resulted from the Applied Symposium." Youssef further thanked King Khalid University for hosting and organizing this festival.