Al-Haqibah Opens the Curtains of the First Saudi University Theater Festival

King Khalid University, Media Center

During the First Theater Festival of Saudi Universities, which is currently hosted by King Khalid University,  King Faisal University performed a play entitled "Al-Haqibah." It was written by Omar Al-Badran and directed by Maaz Al-Khamis. The play was performed yesterday evening at the King Khalid University Theater in Lasan amidst remarkable interaction with the audience. Namely,  the performance illustrated the meanings and determinants of success in life. After the show, a workshop was held which was attended by Artist, Rashid Al-Warthan, and Director, Maaz Al-Khamis. The workshop was moderated by Hussein Al-Zaidani.

Commenting on the work, Al-Warthan said, "The show is a promising start for the festival. It is a performance that is close to top-notch professionalism although all of its staff are students." He said the director benefited from all the elements of the play, with notably beautiful variety in decor, and perfectly controlled movement of actors on stage. As for the script, Al-Warthan said, “The script stems from scientific research that has been translated into a theatrical text and oriented towards students." He concluded by noting, "The return to the first square that emerged at the end of the performance negatively impacted the performance.  Generally, we watched a very competitive performance, and I congratulate King Faisal University on this very creative performance ."

In turn, Maaz Al-Khamis, the Director of the Performance, asserted that the script was written specifically for the university, and was revised until it reached the natural pinnacle of a philosophical text that discusses the concept of success.

During the intermission that took place during the symposium, Theatrical Director, Zakaria Al-Momani, began by praising the work, maintaining that the director did well in the use of all the techniques of the theater. He added, “Much work was needed to improve the color palette theme, and criticism should be accepted with all grace." Theatrical Actor and Director, Sami Al-Zahrani, said that the play was an important experiment, noting the distinguishing factor of the show was that "The script was classic, and the directing was epic." 

In a comment,  Theater Director, Dr. Naif Khalaf, confirmed that the show revealed creative talents. He said, "The stage was full of theatrical elements, but, in my opinion, the script encountered avoidable pitfalls due to linguistic errors committed by the actors. However, this point didn’t diminish their creativity."

The Vice-President of the Deanship of Student Affairs at the University of Taif, Dr. Mansour Al-Harthy, criticized what he called "audience confusion" as a result of random photography. He praised the staff. Ahmed Sarawi concluded the theatrical interventions. He expressed his admiration for the team.

It is noteworthy that the idea and supervision of the play originated from Khalid Al-Khamis, and actors Shehab El-Shehab, Daghash Aldghash, Sulayman Abdul Azim, Abdullatif Al-Muhaini, and Abdullah Dahwan. To conclude, Rashid Al-Dosari controlled the theater, with decoration by Ismail Al-Khamis, and sound effects by Mohamed Al-Nawa.