Rector Directs Employees and Students to Ensure the Well-Being of Persons with Disabilities in All Spheres

King Khalid University, Media Center

His Excellency, Dr. Faleh Bin Rajaa Allah Al-Solamy, Rector of King Khalid University, sponsored the International Day of Persons with Disabilities event on Tuesday morning, the 17th of Rabi' Al-Awwal, in the Central Stands. The event was organized by the Guidance Center at the Deanship of Student Affairs.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Rector Al-Solamy attended the accompanying exhibition, which included the participation of nine bodies, including the Al-Bassam Center for Special Needs, the Ibn Rushd Center for Ophthalmology, the Department of Special Education at the Faculty of Education, the Abha Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, the Center for Comprehensive Rehabilitation, the Abha Sports Club for Special Needs, in addition to the Special Education Department of the Aseer region's Education Administration. At the end of the tour, Al-Solamy participated in the wheelchair mobility exhibition.

At the beginning of the ceremony, a promotional campaign video was presented about the functions and efforts of the Center for Guidance in the University, which highlighted the most important activities in directing, guiding, and increasing awareness amongst University students in a wide variety of areas. Furthermore, the program included a presentation of the highly coveted special programs for people with special needs offered by the Center for Guidance.

Rector Al-Solamy proclaimed, “It is nice to meet every year on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities so that everyone will remember this precious group in the community, as well as to review the plans and services provided to them.” He further stressed that the University aspires to provide better services for those with special needs. He added, "I greatly encourage my fellow faculty members to support this precious class in our hearts and to facilitate the removal of all obstacles they may face to in their pursuit of success." Rector Al-Solamy emphasized that the University is ready to provide complete support and promote the rights and well-being of persons with disabilities. Following after, he thanked everyone who contributed to organizing the event.

In turn, the Director of the Center for Guidance, Mr. Abdullah Al-Dreem, thanked the Rector for sponsoring this ceremony. He pointed out that the Center for Guidance aims to raise societal awareness about disability issues and to understand the requirements of its various groups, in addition to providing full support in multiple fields. Mr. Al-Dreem pointed out that the University, represented by the Rector and the Dean of Student Affairs, provides unmatched attention and support for its students with special needs to overcome difficulties during their academic career. He further elaborated that the most prominent achievements of students with special needs of the University for this year was in the Federation of Saudi Universities Competition where they achieved first place at the level of the Saudi Universities in Goalball and third place in the overall standings of the competition.

At the end of the ceremony, the Rector honored the University athletics team of people with special needs for achieving spectacular success during their participation in the Saudi Universities Championship, in addition to honoring the participants in the ceremony. He received a commemorative shield from the Center for Guidance on this occasion.