University Goalball Team Obtains First Place in the Federation of Saudi Universities Competition

King Khalid University, Media Center

Under the aegis of His Excellency, the Minister of Education, Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed Al-Issa, the second gathering of the Sports Federation of Saudi Universities was held.

King Khalid University participated in a number of games during the competitions. Its goalball team came in the first place after beating the goalball team of Al-Qassim University. The result was 11 - 5.

Ziyad Al-Kharib won the gold medal in the Discus Throw Competition. The special needs team achieved third place in the stadiums of King Faisal University in Al-Ahsa.

The Director of the Department of Sports Activities at the Deanship of Student Affairs, Mr. Ali Al-Wahhabi, said that he was happy with the positive results. He added, "We look forward to achieving greater results in the coming competitions, God willing."

Al-Wahhabi congratulated the players of the goalball team: Ziad Al Kharib, Ahmed Hakmi, Abdullah Al-Qahtani, Saeed Hamoud and Mu'adh Al-Qahtani who scored 24 points and brought home first place.

He also emphasized that the University special needs team achieved third place and fourth place at the university level with 38 points after collecting five medals in the athletic competitions. He added, "The University achieved first place in the Discus Throw Competition and won the gold medal.”

Al-Wahhabi announced that Ahmed Hakami took home the silver medal in the 400 meters race. The same athlete won third place and the bronze medal in other competitions. In the Javelin Throw Competition, Ziad Al-Kharib won the silver medal. In Pétanque, Abdullah Al-Qahtani achieved third place and the bronze medal. In total, the University scored 62 points, ranking third among the 17 universities that participated in the event.