Rector Honors Six Students for Winning International Awards

King Khalid University, Media Center

His Excellency, Prof. Dr. Faleh Bin Rajaa Allah Al-Solamy, the Rector of King Khalid University, honored six students from the University who received international awards. The Director of the Talent, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship Center, Dr. Mohamed Bin Khammash Al Maghrabi, co-presided over the awards ceremony.


For his part, Dr. Al Maghrabi said that obtaining these awards was due to the dedication towards innovation received from both the Rector and the University Vice-President for Academic Development and Quality. He added that all the award-winning innovations participated in the center's competitions and obtained advanced positions. After receiving guidance from the Arbitration and Innovation Development Committee, they were equipped to compete on an international scale. Dr. Al Maghrabi asserted that all the innovations which obtained international recognition under the aegis of the University would become funded start-up companies in support of our country's precious economy.

Student Awards


Fouad Abaq from the University Center in Al-Sammer - Medicine and Surgery Department: Gold medal in the Medical Inventions category for her Breathable Blood Sugar Detector Device.

Abdullah Mohammed Al-Halafy from the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery:  Silver medal in the Computer category for his Electronic Cards invention.

Mazen Mohammed Al-Bassami from the Faculty of Administrative Science: Bronze medal in the Information Technology category for his Smart Refrigerator invention.

Yusra Hassan Abdo Omar Al-Dharma from the English Department of Rejal Alma's Faculty of Science and Arts: Gold medal in the ITEX Exhibition held in Kuala Lumpur for an Automated Quaranic Classification Device invention. The same student obtained second place in the Productive University category for the same invention mentioned above.

Haneen Ahmed Asiri from the Al-Sammer University Center: Silver medal in the ITEX Exhibition held in Kuala Lumpur for an Oral Cleansing Device invention. She also obtained the bronze medal from Kiwi in Korea in dentistry and the Korean gold medal for an invention in the field of aviation, in addition to the first place prize of the President's shield and a special certificate.

Iman Al-Ayad from the Al-Sammer University Center- Medicine and Surgery Department: Young Author Initiative Award for her book “Najwa from Another Spirit.”