University Theater Team Wins Best Cinematography Award at the International Pioneer Festival in Morocco

King Khalid University, Media Center

The King Khalid University Theater Team completed their cinematography production on their award-winning performance in the Alghamam play. The participation came as part of the fifth edition of the International Festival of Pioneers of Theater, hosted by Khouribga City in Morocco.

The Head of the Delegation, who is also the Director of Theater Activities at the University, Mohammed Al-Kaabi, expressed his happiness with this achievement. He said, "Winning this award is a great achievement and a big leap for the Theater Team of King Khalid University. We encountered intense competition from world renown theater experts."

The rest of the results were as follows: the play "Zenobia Queen Warrior" presented by the Professionals of Theater and Arts in the Valley of Zam won the best performance award.

Several plays staged from inside and outside Morocco participated in the official competition which was judged by a specialized court headed by the Moroccan Director and writer Omar Jadli. The panel of judges included the Moroccan Actress, Nojoom Al-Zahra, in addition to the Director and Playwright, Belaid Akirdis, and the Egyptian Director, Mohamed Morsi Ibrahim and the Italian Actress, Roberta Ligeru.

It is worth mentioning that the play Alghamam, which was presented by the Theater Activity Team of King Khalid University, was written by Abdullah Aqeel, directed by Mohamed Mubarak, and supervised by Mohamed Al Kaabi, and the actors were Meshal Al Qahtani, Ziad Asiri, Faisal Mamdouh, Amer Al Mahajani and Ziad Lehem.