Six Researchers Provide Detailed Accounts at the Conclusion of the 4th Scientific Forum on the History of King Khalid

King Khalid University, Media Center

Six researchers participated in the meetings of the second and last day of the Fourth Scientific Forum on the History of King Khalid bin Abdulaziz under the title, “The Social Aspects of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the Era of King Khalid Bin Abdulaziz.”

Dr. Randa Mohammed Abu Bakr Abdul Khaleq discussed the role of women in social development in the Eastern Region under the reign of King Khalid, and his belief in their participation and active participation in social projects, as one of the essential elements of building the country.

Following after, Dr. Mervat Reza Ahmed Hassanein Mohammed reviewed social development achievements in the Asir region during the reign of King Khalid. She noted that he actively supported the social field by opening development centers, social service centers, maternity and child care programs. Furthermore, an unprecedented amount of social, cultural, health and agricultural programs was launched, she added. The researcher explained that during the reign of King Khalid, the Kingdom gave considerable attention to cooperative activities launched by socio-charitable organizations.