Rector Sponsors the Induction Forum of the 'Bader' Program

King Khalid University, Media Center

His Excellency, the Rector of King Khalid University, Prof. Dr. Faleh Bin Rajaa Allah Al-Solamy, sponsored the introduction forum on the 'Bader' program, organized by the Deanship of Scientific Research at the University in cooperation with Bader Program for Technology Incubators.

At the beginning of his speech, Rector Al-Solamy thanked the relevant stakeholders at the University's Vice-Presidency for Graduate Studies, represented by the Deanship of Scientific Research. His Excellency the Rector further thanked the relevant stakeholders in the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, especially the Bader program for Technology incubators for holding the induction forum on the Bader Program for Technology Incubators.

The Rector stressed that the University needs to be aware of all the programs that are in the interest of scientific research, especially research that leads us in the direction of a knowledge-based economy, which characterizes the ambitious yet achievable blueprint of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through Vision 2030.

He added that these programs are supported by state institutions, and we need to seize the golden opportunities available to us. He implored faculty members, researchers, or students who have ideas, talents, and creativity, to exploit these possibilities, and develop our ideas in order to make it a reality. He stressed that all entities are in dire need of this induction meeting, especially at this time so that it can be read by the faculty members and students of the university in various colleges.

Similarly, the Dean of Scientific Research, Dr. Hamed bin Majdoua Al-Qarni, said that the forum aims to introduce the Bader Incubator in the region and the services it provides to its benefactors. He explained that intellectual property and patents would be discussed and it will be concluded with numerous groundbreaking projects. The integration between the university and the community institutions with business incubators will create a stimulating environment for translating the results of scientific research and creative ideas of young people in the region into reality. He concluded that successful projects related to emerging technology-based businesses that will advance the national economy aligned with Vision 2030 are of the highest priority.

It is worth mentioning that during the meeting, a presentation was held on the Bader Incubator for the various technologies in the region, the services it provides to the residents, as well as intellectual property and patents, and a brief description of some incubated and graduated projects.