The University Continues to Receive Submissions for the Conference of Graduate Studies in Saudi Universities

King Khalid University-Media Center

King Khalid University, represented by the Deanship of Graduate Studies, is announcing the extension of receiving research abstracts for the Conference of 'Graduate Studies in Saudi Universities: Reality and Developmental Prospects' in the current academic year.

The Dean of Graduate Studies and Chairman of the Conference Scientific Committee, Dr. Ahmed bin Yahia Al Faye, has clarified that the conference will cover several topics. Among them are the management of graduate studies in Saudi universities, management methods of graduate studies: obstacles and solutions, admission criteria of graduate studies, the unified list of graduate studies and their executive conditions in universities, and organizational structure and academic units concerned with graduate studies in universities.

Additionally, the conference also includes two main themes based on administrative procedures and the academic system, in addition to graduate studies in Saudi universities: scientific and research prospects. Dr. Ahmed bin Yahia Al Faye asserts that the "Learning outcomes in graduate programs, study plans, scientific content, scientific theses and their assessment will be covered in the theme of graduate studies in Saudi universities: scientific and research prospects. Moreover, the themes will also discuss scientific research with innovation, scientific research with development and graduate studies, and scientific research in light of Vision 2030 including the National Transformation Program." While commenting on another conference theme, he said, " The physical component and the professional dimension of graduate studies in Saudi universities will handle the academic environment as well as the academic and developmental profession of the faculty member in addition to learning resources, their methods, and the application of quality standards in graduate studies". 

Dr. Al Faye added that the conference seeks to achieve a number of objectives; including encouraging scientific research on graduate education, monitoring the reality of graduate studies' programs in Saudi universities both governmental and private, and developing practical solutions to some of the phenomena and problems faced by graduate programs.

In the same context, the conference also aims to strengthen the policies related to graduate studies and scientific research and open the areas of coordination, cooperation, and integration between Saudi universities. In addition, the other objectives of the conference are setting frameworks for the development of graduate studies' programs in Saudi universities; which corresponds with the National Transformation Program and benefits from international experts and experiences in preparing as well as developing such programs. The conference also seeks to achieve integration between Saudi universities in the field of graduate studies' research, to open new channels for research that helps the university to fulfill its role in serving the community and in attaining development, and to enable the beneficiary bodies from these programs' output in evaluating them.

It is important to know that the Committee will continue to receive abstracts until the end of the current month 'Muharram' through the conference e-mail: