A heavy turnout on dermatology clinic in the University health program in Alhraidh

King Khalid University, Media Center

A heavy turnout on dermatology clinic in the University health program in Alhraidh

Barefoot walking and direct contact with livestock are most important reasons for the spread of skin diseases in Alharidh Center

HE supervisor on the pharmacy of King Khalid 5th Health and Awareness Program, who is also the director of the outpatient department of the Medical City, Prof. Ayed Asiri has stated that it has been observed that a lot of medicines for skin diseases have been prescribed for the people of Alharidh, its nearby and affiliates villages. Therefore, he deduced that there is a problem the region suffers in general.

For his part, Dr. Yahya Araqbi, the Dermatology clinic Specialist confirmed that many cases suffering from skin diseases have been registered, pointing out that it occasionally happens for coast-inhabited population due to the geographical location and climate. He explained that the majority of the cases was suffering from skin allergies.

Dr. Araqbi pointed out that skin allergy that was noticed in the region resulted from permanently-barefoot walking, which may cause many other skin diseases. He added that another reason for the causality of skin diseases in the region was the close contact with livestock. Dr. Araqbi concluded that the majority of diseases were chronic as a result of the previous reasons.

Dr. Araqbi complained about the lack of dermatology specialists in the region, the thing that doubles the problem, as well as the people's lack of awareness of skin disease and its seriousness. He also noticed that people were not committed to using medicines.

It is noteworthy that the pharmacy that is participating in the health program of the University has more than 200 items of medicines, which are prescribed for free. The pharmacy contains many important items. Most notably are medicines for chronic diseases (diabetes, hypertension, cardiac disease and blood vessels), antibiotics, and painkillers. It was remarkable the patients' turnout on dermatology medicines, Internal medicine, followed by medicines for chronic diseases.