More than 120 cases in smoking clinic in the health program in Alhraidh

King Khalid University, Media Center

Within the activities of the 5th health program that is being held nowadays in rejal Alma'e Province exactly in Alhraidh Center, more than 120 cases have visited the smoking clinic.

The Supervisor on the clinic, Mr. Saeed Zoufer has clarified that the purpose of establishing such clinic is to provide clear information about tobacco and its derivatives, in addition to the harms of drugs and liquors.

Mr. Zoufer added that they depend on the Silver Spike point instrument in the treatment process. The instrument helps to stimulate the pituitary gland to secrete endorphin hormone, specifically (beta endorphins) which contributes to the expulsion of nicotine through urine, sweat, and feces. Mr. Zoufer finally clarified that smoker is subject to five therapeutic sessions.