Referring a number of patients to Asir Central Hospital and nearby hospitals during the University program in Alharidh

King Khalid University, Media Center

The 5th health program of King Khalid University, which is being held in Alharidh these days has referred a number of critical cases to public hospitals surrounding Alharidh Province including Asir Central Hospital, Al –Qahma Hospital, in addition to Mahyel Public Hospital.

A critical case for an elderly man suffering from a renal pain was referred to Asir Public Hospital. After doing necessary investigations, it became clear that he was suffering from renal pelvic dilation resulting from the existence of two large stones. The kidney was 3.5 cm.

Another case was referred to Asir Public Hospital. The case was for a patient who was suffering from arthritis, osteoporosis, and a disease in the tissues of the lungs. Thus, necessary investigations were conducted on him and results showed that he was suffering from an intensive malfunction in lungs.

The clinics of the program also discovered a case for an elderly who was suffering from hypertension, palpitation, pleural effusion, and dyspnea. Needed investigations were conducted and it became clear how critical was his case, so he was referred in an ambulance to Al-Qahma Public Hospital.

There was another case of a 20-year-old girl who was suffering from dyspnea, palpitation, in addition to cardiac valves problems. By conducting investigations, it became clear that there was a possibility of the congenital cardiologist. Thus, the case was referred to a pediatric cardiologist in Asir Public Hospital.