Staff of the university health program welcomes Jazan University Rector

King Khalid University, Media Center

On Thursday evening, the staff of King Khalid University 5th health program which is being held nowadays in Alharidh Center received the Rector of Jazan University, Dr. Marei Bin Hussein Al-Qahtani, and his accompanying delegation at the headquarter of the program.

On his reception was Deputy Supervisor General of the program, Dr. Fuad Abag and a number of employees of the university administrators and health clinics supervisors in addition to agencies participating in the program.

Upon his arrival, Al-Qahtani was briefed on the health clinics associated with the program, the pharmacy, and the mobile vehicles. At the end of the round, the Rector of Jazan University and his accompanying delegation watched a film which showed the previous program courses offered in a number of provinces and centers. The film also showed how the holders of the program chose the headquarter of the current program.

It is noteworthy that the Rector of Jazan University had a major role in the supervision and organization of the four previous sessions of the program when he was the Vice-President of King Khalid University at the time.