Two rare cases with vertigo and migraine in the University health program in Alharidh

King Khalid University, Media Center

Nowadays, King Khalid University is holding its 5th health, educational, and awareness program which takes place in Rijal Alma'e Province in Alharidh. During diagnosis, Doctors have discovered a patient suffering from a rare disease known scientifically as visual vertigo and another patient suffering from Migraine Associated Dizziness disease.

The Dean of the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, the Consultant of inner ear infections, Dr. Khalid Al-Ahmari explained that visual vertigo is a state of dizziness and imbalance while walking in crowded places, in the mosque or markets, with a feeling of dizziness with the vision of the surrounding things like spin or rising and falling, leading to inability to save the balance of body and the patient falls. The disease cause weakness in the function of the inner ear. The patient who was found suffering from visual vertigo transferred to the rehabilitation clinic of inner ear disorders, Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences at the university to complete the stages of treatment, which lasts six weeks.

Dr. Ahmari added that another rare case was diagnosed with Migraine Associated Dizziness disease. It is migraine headaches concurrently with severe dizziness, and disorder of the inner ear and the patient would be unable to balance and walk normally. The case has been diagnosed and treated in the camp and transferred to complete treatment in the university clinics.