An exhibition for security and safety within the activities of the university health awareness educational program

King Khalid University, Media Center

On the sidelines of the 5th health, awareness, and educational program which is organized by King Khalid University, during the period from 8 to 13 of this month, in Rijal Alma'e province in Aharidh Center, Security and Safety Management of King Khalid University has established an awareness exhibit. It contained university safety and fire equipment, which is considered the first thing to do in case of fire.

The Director of Security and Safety Management of the University, prof. Ali Fayez explained that the exhibition includes equipment and means of security owned by civil defense, such as smoke and heat detectors, fittings and gas valves and others. The exhibition also included general awareness guidance and cut-outs for security and safety, as well as security and safety procedures in the use of fire of extinguishers and types. Besides, there was a corner that reflects fire early warning; use and operation. It also included brochures, booklets, and cut-outs of awareness and guidance to visitors of the safety and Security Department, to highlight the evacuation plans and types of fire extinguishers, use, and how to fight fires of all kinds.

Prof. Ali Fayez added that the exhibition displayed manual and automatic fire alarms, in accordance with the requirements of the Civil Defense and Fire Department, and how to conduct regular maintenance, as well as follow-up maintenance works for fire alarm equipment, and how to do tests on a regular basis by specialists, in addition to providing tanks for first aid that contain first-aid methods and necessary medications within the framework of the ministerial decrees issued at this point. Visitors have been provided with valuable gifts such as fire extinguishers and first-aid bags.