3145 applicants for graduate studies at the University

King Khalid University, Media Center

The number of the applicants for graduate studies programs of the academic year 1438/1439 AH have reached 3145 students, in different disciplines, distributed as follows: 993 applicant for doctorate program; 686 applicants of them are male and 307 are female, 2152 applicants for bachelor program; 824 of them are male and 1328 are female.

For his part, the Dean of Graduate Studies, Dr. Ahmed Yahia Al Fay'e has announced that the admission portal of graduate studies was closed last Saturday at 12.00 pm.  Dean Al Fay'e added that the admission was available via the deanship's portal for three weeks starting from 26/3/1438 AH. Admission was available for 30 doctorate and bachelor programs. Admission process has proceeded easily and simply. The Dean further confirmed that the Graduate Studies Deanship published a number of brochures abut admission, its procedures, how to apply, available disciplines, rules and conditions. The deanship also provided a help desk service on the clock through various communication channels which answered all the applicants' questions which were related to the admission process.

Dr. Alfay'e clarified that the applicant should complete his/her admission procedures by sending a file of his/her documents to the mean college then the departments will carry out examinations based on adopted and earlier-announced standards. Results of These examinations are going to be announced later on the KKU portal.