University organizes the Arabic language and literary script on the Internet conference

King khalid University, Media Center

King Khalid University (KKU) represented by the the Arabic Language Department of the Humanities College, is organizing the he Arabic language and literary script conference via the internet. The Conference is going to take place in Abha from 17 to 19 Jummadh Al Ola 1438 AH corresponding to 14 to 16 February 2o17. The agenda of the conference contains lecturers, workshops, researches, which are going to be distributed on the days of the conference. 

For his part, the Dean of Humanities College, Yahia Abdullah Hassan Al Sherif explained that the importance of the conference comes from the topic it handles; the Arabic Language and technology, which he considered two components of thought and culture movement. Dean Al Sherif pointed out that the conference aims to explore the real status of the Arabic Language via the internet and to find out the suitable solutions to the linguistic weakness points. The conference also aims at identifying potentials offered by the internet for the sake of the Arabic Language and its future horizons. Furthermore, the conference seeks to find out the artificial dimensions the technical script has added to the library script and to encourage the technical researches that serve the Arabic Language. 

Al Sherif added that an elite of scientists who are specialized in the Arabic language are going to participate in the conference. He stated that the conference includes many pivots. the first pivot will be about the Arabic language on the internet within the modern linguistic lesson. This pivot includes many ideas such as the levels of the Arabic language on the internet and its relation with the classical Arabic, and the phonological, grammatical, and structural characterizations of the Arabic Language on the Internet, in addition to the problems of the Arabic Language on the internet. The second pivot will be about the Arabic language and the technical potential. This pivot also includes many ideas such as the role of modern technology in figuring the modern language, electronic archiving, Arabic dictation, the Arabic Alphabets on the Internet, linguistic openness. According to the third pivot, it will about the literary script and its differentiation on the Internet (critic studies). This pivot includes many ideas such as  the literary script on blogs, on different websites, and on social media, in addition to studying the impact of the technical incubator on the literary script.