University announces opening admission to 30 programs for master and doctoral degrees.

King Khalid University, Media Center

The Deanship of Graduate Studies at King Khalid University (KKU) has announced the opening of admission exercise for students who wish to enroll in master and doctoral programs, for the next academic year 1438 / 1439 AH. The application is available via the portal of the university on the following link: The application processes will start on Sunday, 26 / 3 / 1438 AH, to last on Saturday, 9 / 4/ 1438 AH.

This was stated by the Dean of Graduate Studies at the university, Dr. Ahmed bin Yahya Al Faya', who pointed out that there would be 30 programs for master and doctoral degrees. Dr. Al Faya' added that there would be 20 master's programs including master's programs at the College of Sharia and the fundamentals of Islam in Jurisprudence, systems for students only, doctrine and contemporary doctrines, and the Quran and its sciences. Master's programs will be also available in the College of Education in curriculum and general teaching, curriculum and methods of teaching science, the origins of Islamic and public education, and management education and supervision. 

In the College Humanities, master's programs are in linguistics, literature, history, and geography, while in the faculty of science, the master degree will be available in chemistry, physics, biology, and mathematics. A program for master's degree in the Faculty of Languages and Translation in translation and applied linguistics will be available, in addition to the accounting program at the Faculty of administrative and financial Sciences. Furthermore, Admission is available to students in 10 doctoral programs in three faculties, namely: the program of jurisprudence, systems (students only), and the Program of, program of Sunnah and its sciences, in the Faculty of Sharia and religion, in addition to the four programs in the Faculty of Education, namely: curriculum and general teaching program, the curriculum and methods of teaching science, education and administration and supervision program, and guidance and psychological counseling program, as well as two programs in the Faculty of Humanities in Linguistics and literature.