The Dentistry at the University supports the health of Dhahran with excellent doctors.

King Khalid University-Media Center

The King Khalid University (KKU) has participated with voluntary convoys within the community service programs beginning with the Faculty of Dentistry. This participation came in response to the request made by the Directorate of Health Affairs in Dhahran Al Janoub Province to support the health centers there. The participation includes sending a team of four excellent doctors each week who will be accompanied to the venues of activities by a faculty member from the College. The first week began with the participation of the following students: Anas Abdullah Laheq, Yahya Ahmed Al Hudiri, Faisal Audh Al Amri and Mohammed Saleh Al Hatilah. They were accompanied to the venue of the activities by Dr. Abdul Aziz Al Shahrani and the Vice Dean for Development and Quality in order to follow up the work, and to communicate with officials of the Directorate of Health Affairs in the province. The doctors have been distributed to the primary health centers in the province of Dhahran Al Janoub and its neighboring villages, such as Ghayl Center and Talha Center. On the first day of the activities, many people have visited the centers at where they were given the necessary treatment as demanded by their health conditions. It is worth to mention that the program will last for several weeks in order to cover as many cases as possible of those needing medical care.