The university is nominated for His Highness Sheikh Salem Al-Ali Informatics Award and accepting 16 thousand students to join the university.

King Khalid University-Media Center

The Deanship of Admission and Registration at King Khalid University (KKU), has announced the admission of nearly 16 thousand students for the academic year 1437 / 1438 AH. This came within the conclusion of third stage of admission processes which were done easily and smoothly without the presence of any applicant to the university. The Dean of Admissions and Registration deanship, Dr. Sultan Al Farah, has congratulated all admitted students, wishing them success. Dr. Farah has clarified that the number of the newly admitted students has reached nearly 16 thousand. He added, "this year, admission has gone through three stages compleyely electronic. There were two committees to answer the inquirers' questions. One is for male students and the other for female students. Both committees work from 8.30 am up to 2.30 pm, and one hour starting from 11:00 to meet the dean and vice deans of the the deanship." Furthermore, he explained that the inquiries system has been opened electronically for anyone who has inquiries, questions or problems from students to resolve it electronically. Dr. Al Farah pointed out that the electronic admissions process aims to save time and effort, as well as to help the student to complete the application process smoothly, and to preserve the right of the students to maintain the data that has been entered by him / her. So the admission and registration Web site offers students all information about available colleges. It also enables the applicants to review his / her electronic applications and to look at the documents that he / she provided. On the other hand, the King Khalid University (KKU) represented by the the Admission and Registration Deanship portal (Academia), has been nominated to participate in His Highness, Sheikh Salem Al-Ali Informatics Award. This is as a result of the excellent e-services provided by the portal. The portal earns the worth to compete on the regional and international awards. The academia has been distinguished for containing approximately more than 270 services in one place to serve the academic process of the students and the faculty members, and other beneficiaries from outside the university. At the academia, the services are provided at any time, easier, faster, fairer and more transparent to these beneficiaries.