University determines the dates of registration and admissions for the next academic year.

King Khalid University, Media Center

The Dean of Admission and Registration, Dr. Sultan Al Farah, has announced the dates of registration and admission for the academic year 1437 / 1438 AH, for Bachelor Degree and Diploma programs. Dr. Sultan Al Farah says, "The portal will be opened to receive applications for admission from 09 / 20 / 1437 AH until 10 / 25 / 1437 AH, and the nominations of admission batches will be at beginning of Thul-Qida."  Dr. Al Farah stressed that the admission would be totally electronic so a student or his, or her, parents would not need to visit the Deanship or to send any documents to the university. The capacity degrees, the educational achievements, and the high school percentage, will be sent to the University electronically through communicating with the concerned parties. Electronic inquiries service will be activated on the university website, where a specialized teamwork is prepared to attend to them. Dr. Al Farah urged the students to complete the required tests from the National Center "Keas", and to be punctual in terms of the registration dates. They are also advised on the necessity of getting acquainted with the admission leaflet and following-up of social media to know everything new regarding the exercise. On the other hand, the deanship distributed more than 9,000 folded leaflets containing the method and conditions of admission in the King Khalid University ( KKU ), to high school students in the public capacity and achievement tests.