10 cases to be transferred to Asir Hospital within the university program in Thrban.

King Khalid University, Media Center

Dr. Rashad Abdul Hamid, the Physical Therapy Consultant at King Khalid University who is among the medical staff in the university health, educational, and awareness program, which was held from 14 to 19 of this month in Trban center in the province of Majardh, has discovered the real reason behind the suffering of a Sudanese resident. The patient suffers from severe electric shock when his clothes or his shoes come into contact with certain sites of his body, forcing him not to be able to wear his own clothing. Dr. Abdul Hamid explained that the Sudanese resident attended the clinic at the program, suffering from severe electric shock when he wears his clothes, which made the doctor to look intensively for the reason for his condition. After examination, it became clear that the patient was suffering from pressure on a nerve at the level of the fifth lumbar vertebrae. Dr. Abdul Hamid said, "The patient has been transferred to physical therapy clinic, to conduct necessary examinations and to receive appropriate treatment"

On the other hand, another patient suffering from chronic diseases (sugar and pressure), has been transferred to Asir Central Hospital. The patient also suffers from inflation in the lower abdomen and skin ulcers. The report also pointed out that the patient is suffering from giant warts, so it was a must to transfer the case to the Central Hospital of Asir.

The clinics associated with the program transferred more than 10 cases to Asir Central Hospital because of their need for super-advanced medical care. There were also home visits to a group of patients. One of the cases that were treated at home was for an old lady who was transferred to Asir Central Hospital due to suspected tumor in the pancreas. Another visit was paid to a patient suffering from fragility in the bones, and he was given necessary medications.  Also, a 5 year old child was transferred to nose and throat clinic of the Asir Central Hospital. The patient was suffering from a tumor in the front of the neck, and complains of pain, and pressure on the throat, and difficulty in swallowing.