Faculty of Languages and Translation Conducts Three Training Courses for Teachers of English in Different Education Stages

King Khalid University, Media Center

The Faculty of Languages and Translation of King Khalid University conducted three training courses, within the activities of the university's fourth health, educational, and awareness program which is being held in the Thrban Center in the province of Majardh. The training courses targeted the teachers of English who serve in the different stages of education in the province and its affiliating centers.

The first course handled the issue of the use of knowledge background in teaching the English language, and it was presented by the Dean of the Faculty of Languages and Translation, Dr. Abdullah Al Melhi. During the course, Dr. Al Melhi explained that the course focused on how to teach reading in English as a second language, using books of the general education. At the end of the course, Dr. Al Melhi answered the attendees' questions and inquiries.

For his part, a member of the teaching staff at the Faculty of Languages and Translation, Dr. Eyhab Badr Eddin, presented another training course entitled, "The Negative and the Positive Impact of the Native Language (Arabic) to Learn and Use the English language." Moreover, both Dr. Farouk Haji and Mr. Matthew Paul from the faculty presented a training course, which handled the use of Social networks and modern technology when teaching of English Language. For more information, please (click here).